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"There's a pathology that society has to deal with. There are people who want to display their prowess in Internet technology -- but they screw up ... [big time."] ~Judge A. Howard Matz



In a ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken And the Fox is involved, but the pig is committed.

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Dr. Who


That a defendant is "alert, unafraid to address the court, and able to use somewhat technical legal terms appropriately" is a factor suggesting that a competency hearing is not required. United States v. Lewis, 991 F.2d 524, 528 (9th Cir. 1993).


"This is an extremely serious responsibility placed on both the hospital institution and the court. There are two important certifications for the director to make. The first is a certification that the person has sufficiently recovered mentally to be released at all.

The second is, if the person can be released but only on certain conditions, a certification that the conditions are appropriate. The court bears a vital responsibility as to both."

"I object to the court ruling on my competency without a full hearing under 4247 of Title 18, as well as all rights reserved on the Bill of Rights, because I received no treatments, no psychiatric or psychological interventions since being ruled incompetent on April 7. In the absence of such interventions or treatment, and with my conduct being exactly the same and consistent throughout my hearings and every proceeding that I've been in this courtroom, this entire case, I believe I'm entitled to a hearing to determine on what basis I was deemed incompetent on the first and second instances so that I can determine what criteria I can now be deemed incompetent.

I don't know how I'm not incompetent since nothing has changed since the court first found me to be incompetent. I am not saying I believe I'm incompetent, but I'm not sure of the criteria based on this court's findings previously decided. I have yet to even be provided with a copy of Dr. Patenaude's report. If nothing has changed, then how I can be anything different than what I was originally? Furthermore, I frankly don't understand why my presence is needed here today because, as the conduct of the government, the defense counsel, and this court's own action or April 7 clearly prove, all of you believe that the accused need not be present in the courtroom or, for that matter, not present in the same state to make a finding -- a judicial finding of fact that the accused is or is not incompetent as required by the law. A finding of competency is one of a fact, not law. United States versus Shepard, 538 F.2d 107 at 110; United States versus Fratus -- F-r-a-t-u-s -- 530 F.2d 644 at page 647; U.S. versus Winn, 577 F.2d 86 at note 14 on page 88; Dusky v. United States, 362 U.S. 402, annotations at paragraph 8 on page 2083.

Rule 42, which you used to explain my absence obviously does not apply. And since a finding of incompetence is one of clearly a fact, not law -- I am not a corporation -- under the first part of Rule 43. And under the right of due process afforded to an accused in a court, the court could not abridge that right by that rule. Pursuant to Title 18, section 2072 (b), no rule shall abridge, modify or enlarge a substantive right. Rights trump rules. Further, this court never found me incompetent at the March 14th hearing, so the hearing on April 7th should have been conducted pursuant to the protections afforded to an accused under the Fifth Amendment, Due Process, and the Sixth Amendment, Compulsory Process, of the Bill of Rights, as well as U.S.C. 4247 (d) as in Delta. Bottom line is why my presence was not required April 7th, the hearing of my incompetence decision, but it's required today. I'd like the court to please explain these two differences that I've raised."

Still awaiting his answer in 2011.

Good thing my penis didn't fall off


'Cause I say so! Ya big Gomba!


Killercop Presents A Short Course On Objective Versus Biased Information Processing

The variables we have discussed, such as distraction or need for cognition, tend to influence information-processing activity in a relatively objective manner—that is, all else being equal, distraction tends to disrupt whatever thoughts a person is thinking (Petty et al., 1976). The distraction per se does not specifically target one type of thought (e.g., favorable or unfavorable)
to impede.

Similarly, individuals with high need for cognition are more motivated to think in general than are people low in need for cognition (Cacioppo, Petty, Feinstein,
& Jarvis, 1996). They are not more motivated to think certain kinds of thoughts over others. Some variables, however, are selective in their effects on thinking. For example, when people are highly motivated to think, a positive mood tends to encourage positive thoughts, discourage negative thoughts, or both (Petty et al., 1993), and expert sources tend to encourage favorable rather than unfavorable interpretations of message arguments (Chaiken & Maheswaran, 1994).

So tell me, what are words for, when no one listens anymore?

The Ninth Circuit places the burden on the government to prove competence. See United States v. Teague, 956 F.2d 1427, 1431 n.10 (7th Cir. 1992); United States v. Frank, 956 F.2d 872, 875 (9th Cir. 1991)




"HIS FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS ARE GOING TO BE PROTECTED, BUT NOT ALL" ~Judge Alvin Howard Matz, 09.26.2003 Case# 02-350(A) AHM, Page 61, Line 24


He can be slow about these kind of things...



Hey, before you leave, how can the Chief Justice forget 35 words written in the country's con-situation?


Because he forgot the Bill of the Rights, too. They're secretly substituted them with a Bill of the Entitlements. You only find out this FACT after they get you for your thought crimes.

If they can ignore your 10 fundamental rights, as a measly couple of entitlements, then you haven't a hope against their rules, regulations and codes. At least those which are not hidden.





"what would be the capacity of law enforcement and of the courts to SUPRESS this kind of SPEECH?" -Judge A. Howard Matz, PRE-TRIAL HEARING OF KILLERCOP.COM

The Trial of Judge A.Howard Matz


Is "pretty good" pretty much like "pretty clear?" Because I'm "pretty sure" it is not. I know, it's complex. But then again, I'm officially nutzzzzzz, until certified (.pdf) un-nutzzzzzz, in a competent court of the law. So I am waiting on the law. It sure is not speedy...but it is baffled.


I'm all a Twitter waiting to see your reaction, to my reaction, to your Treatment and the promised Restoration. You'll just die when you see what I have in store for everyone involved in the story in 2012. At least that's my intent! 'Till then...


Look, you know you have to look, there!! ABOVE!!

It's "another person" and "the person of another.


Read the plan, promptly!! A man's life, freedom and liberty are at stake!!! And it's probably a prudent thing to do, but don't speak about it!


In fact, don't even think about it, especially the cowards and the easily frightened children!


Dr. Who?

It appears we never met.

A.K.A. The Case Of Who Is Guarding The Chicken Coop. A.K.A. One Flew Over It!

Dr. Who

 After toying with killercop, the politics of the system decided to go dark and secret.

So it had a hearing, and the prosecutor was ordered by the judge to file a motion to have Killercop sent to a mental hospital for "treatment." This invidious law is known as 4241(d). The cover up can be found here. Just kozisayso! The invidious word used to invoke it is called "hybrid."

And the darkness gets deeper in 2011

Mad Killer Kow Says Moooooooo


The prosecutor was not present when the attorney, Greg, who was willingly forced on Killercop, by Hizzzzzoner, Judge A. Howard Matz, then proceeded and "moooooooooooved" to have "his" client sent for a mental treatment.

How nice that everyone is in agreement that killercop needed to be sent away for a medical "treatment." You betcha!! But first put him in the closet, with no T.V. or Phone, or even a tin can and a piece of string.

I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity.



The fact remain that the prosecutor was in the hallway for the situation by [the attorney and] the judge, and then filed the wrong law (.pdf) on returning to the hearing.

So as to not break the law, so flagrantly, after being challenged, the motion was quickly "PLACED IN FILE - NOT USED."

This is where files go... to disappear. And the system sends you to disappear. (PDF)

 Also see SUNG. for more on missing files.


After filing a motion to "stop the insanity" with the Ninth Circus, (PDF) Killercop was shipped off to near Boston, like freight, and placed under the tender hand of Dr Patenaude, A.K.A. Doctor Who.

Nothing could stop these liberal lunatics! That was a fact! They are best buddys! And corrupted.


Dr. Who: "Do you know why you were sent here?"

Killercop: "No. Unless someone had a secret hearing, since nobody found me incompetent, under the law."


Dr. Who: "Do you think people are having secret hearings about you?"

Killercop: "Fuck you and stop trying to shrink me, stay away from me and we'll get along fine. I see your game."

Months pass and Winter turns to Spring, and proof of the secret hearing finally arrives in the mail at the Hospital for the Criminally Insane, but only after the attorney forced on Killercop, Greg Nicolaysen, tries to intimidate Killercop and tell him over the phone that he might be kept there, "forever" in his own private Star Chambers, if Killercop still refuses to "answer the questions of the examiner and cooperate."

 Imagine that...

After continuing to refuse, and armed with the proof of the secret hearing, finally, the Warden of the Hospital for the Criminally Insane sent Killercop back to California, where much later on Sept. 27, 2003, a hearing was again held. Only this time I was invited. And I denied receiving any treatment or exams. (PDF)

"Now -- but then, again, that is just kind of a side opinion. "I didn't evaluate" for that with him. "I didn't specifically speak to him" about that." ~{Dr.] Thomas Patanaude, Trial Of, Incompetence Hearing, Sept. 27, 2003


Ironically Thomas Patanaude failed to follow the law and send a letter of certification. Imagine that... Matz didn't care. Nor did anyone else care. But I'm no expert. But I wonder.

I wonder which is more ironic, that he didn't send it, and broke the law, with impunity (Thanks Judge Matz!), or the fact that Matz knew the guy was a quack, and if Thomas Patanaude signed the certificate he would have broken another law called perjury.

 Then Killercop sought more of those mising rights, like Due Process, by seeking the certificate required by the law... So Matz covered that up...with his buddies.

 Imagine that...

Gregg The Goliath, he was to busy fighting with the newest attorney, David.

And calling Jude A. Howard Matz, MATZO BALL, because he hates Christians and jewish judges.


Seriously, folks, read it, I couldn't make it up if I tried!!

Can Of Matzo Ball

Later, the appeals of the exact same issue (re Dr Who And The False Reports) around America started arriving across the land in all different Federal Courts of the Land, all saying the same thing Killercop claimed about Dr. Who, many, many months earlier. That it was a sham and that he never "treated" or even "examined" Killercop.

So Matz knew, or as the attorneys and people who persecute others for a living like to say, had a duty to know, that the report submitted by the missing Dr. was unreliable and a FRAUD ON THE COURT!

 The 1st Circuit:

 The 2nd Circuit:

 The 10th Circuit:

 Seeing a trend? From the First Circuit to the 10th he wreaked havoc. Not in the Ninth. It was all shhhhhhhhhhhhh and secret.

FACT: Killercop continues to protest his innocence in the above case. But his Suri Juris appeal for rehearing, was ruled on by one single judge, which violates the federal rules, which such rules mean even less to them then the laws and rights; these "rulers of men." Just in case you are in a position to assist.

You don't have to have a certificate or be an expert to see and hear what the judge is covering up. Or what the appeals court covered up.

Woe Unto Thee

"A "true" threat, in fact, is a Legal term that can claim no more notice from the SUBjective OR OBJECTIVE critic than he grants the charge of heresy raised by the theologian, or the charge of immorality raised by the police.”

So "Don't get in my face about it and you better not throw anything on me or my family or I'll stomp a mudhole in your Ass and walk it dry." ~ O'Brien | 12.10.06 - 2:17 am

Beating of Kelly Thomas

Beating of Leone


Contempt Of Cop - 'Contempt of Cop' Continued from Page 5 New D.C. police recruits were keenly aware of what they saw as deficiencies...

Blacks are arrested on 'contempt of cop' charge at higher rate - Blacks are booked by Seattle police for obstructing a public officer eight times as often as whites when population is taken into account, a Seattle P-I investigation of six years...

Henry Louis Gates' Contempt Of Cop Emptywheel - At tonight's nationally televised press conference, a reporter asked President Obama a question about the July 16 arrest of famed Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Obama set off...

Contempt of Cop' by William Norman Grigg - The police are to the government as the edge is to the knife, insists sociologist David Bayley, who apparently couldn't explain why the typical...

Expert Officer displayed 'contempt of cop' reaction Internal Affairs

Contempt Of Cop II

CAMERA IS THE NEW SPEAK FOR GUN IN THE WILD, WILD WEST! - It's more about 'contempt of cop' than the violation of the wiretapping law.

Welcome to America Now step inside the jail cell - The audio exchange in this video was apparently recorded at the U.S. Canada border after a Canadian displayed contempt-of-cop towards the American law enforcement officer asking questions.

Contemptible police tactics - Cops raid the home of a licensed medical marijuana provider in Washington, handcuff the fourteen year old son and put a gun to his head, and search the nineteen year old daughter and take the contents of her mickey-mouse wallet.

How To Survive Traffic Stops in America, Submit, Instantly! - What the cops want is immediate obedience and submission. Many cops are ex-military and view the civilian motorists of America about like they viewed the hapless peasants of Iraq and Afghanistan, that is, with contempt, not as fellow citizens deserving of civility and respect. It is a possibly lethal mistake to do anything other than submit, instantly and obey! Or be ready to shoot first. But aim high.

My radio interview with Katherine Albrecht - Carlos Miller Photography is Not a Crime is interviewed by Katherine Albrecht, activist, radio host and privacy advocate, Tuesday afternoon where they discussed his blog, his arrests, the situation in the United Kingdom and the spread of contempt of cop cases that are popping up on the internet on a regular basis.




The Trial of Judge A. Howard Matz.

By Psych Ward Entertainment.

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