What happened next?

9/23/1997 I receive a letter from Governor Pete Wilson's Office. It is a copy of a letter sent to the Mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan, stating that their office is in receipt of the letter I sent stating all the facts contained in my investigation. They said they were bringing this to his attention in the "hope" the he will be able to address my concerns and respond to me directly. The letter further states that this matter is beyond the Governors purview, however his cooperation would be appreciated. Signed by the Tom Campbell, Constituent Affairs Representative. This letter has a real signature on it, not a rubber stamp. Think that will help? Doubt it!


What happened next?

9/30/1997 I called Lt. Jacobs after not hearing back from him for some time. He informed me that the case is closed per order of the new Chief, Frank Piersol. (Note... Piersol took over for Michael Bostic and Lt. Jacobs took over for Lt. McCarthy) We have a discussion, he says he does not think I was assaulted that day in Oct. 7, 1995. I tell him he could not investigate his way out of a wet paper bag. I tell him the woman who did the assault pled guilty. " He replies to me "Well, you should then call someone else because this investigation is now closed. I call his boss and leave a message.


What happened next?

10/2/1997 I call Lt. Jacobs's boss, Captain Frank Piersol's again after not hearing back from him. We talk for 1/2 hour and he sounds like a reasonable man. He asks what he can do to make me feel better. I say, "Arrest Ippolito under Penal Code 142 (a)." He says "How about I just talk to her and explain the importance of good public relations" I say, "No, I still want her arrested." He says he cannot do that. As far as the L.A.P.D. is concerned, the case is closed. I said, "I know you won't do it, I'm going to do it, I'm making a Citizen's arrest the moment I see her. I further told him to inform Lt. McCarthy that I am coming to arrest him also for Penal Code 136.1 for what he did back on 6/19/97. He said he would do that for me. After our conversation, I sent him a letter.


What happened next?

12/2/1997 Tonight I am watching L.A.P.D. "Life on the Beat" and I see my witness "Tony" being arrested for drinking a beer on the beach by a female officer. I will try to find out when this film was shot and the names of the arresting officers in an attempt to locate him again.


What happened next?

1/5/1998 I call 213-485-3203 and ask to make an appointment with the new L.A.P.D. Chief of Police, Bernard Parks. I reach his secretary, Mary. She says hold on and transfers me to a Lt. Paysinger. I explain the whole story again. He informs me he will "look into it."


What happened next?

1/6/1998 I receive a telephone call at my home at 7:00 AM. It is Lt. Paysinger from yesterday. He informs me he has "personally" brought my file(s) to the Captain of Internal Affairs, who will be handling the case "personally" from now on. (Gosh, all this personal service!) He further states that I will be hearing back from them by weeks-end, (Update-1/16/98...Nothing yet!)


What happened next?

1/21/1998 I have heard nothing, so I call the number listed above and get a Captain Carter. He informs me that by 1/30/97, his "personally" appointed investigator will have a resolution to the situation.


What happened next?

2/4/1998 I call Captain Carter for a status report and he say's, "New developments have arisen, can't go into any details due to privacy laws," but bottom line is this he tells me to call back, "in about another month. " I expected as much, so I call back to the L.A.P.D. H.Q. and ask Mary Miller, Chief Parks personal secretary, to make an appointment. (Once again.) Her attitude changes to an upset, angry, woman who says to me, "You will never get an appointment with the Chief of Police!" I ask her, "You want to bet on that? She says, "Yes!" At this point she notices a beep and asks me, "Is this conversation is being recorded?" She then hangs up. I call the Mayors Office, Police Commissioner Katherine Mader, as well as the District Attorneys Office. I spoke with a Mr. Goldston 213-974-7441 He said he would down load this file off my Internet site (http://www.killercop.com) and present it to the Attorneys in his office. I deliver a letter to the chief, Bernard Parks.


What happened next?

2/1998 I give L.A.P.D. Captain Sweet of the Mid -Wilshire Division, Constructive Notice of Immanent Arrest. I appear in the station-house and audiotape my conversation requesting they "place the officer Terri Utley into my custody for Felony-Perjury" or face possible charges themselves of harboring a criminal. They also record the conversation and ask me to "give them some time."


What happened next? †

March 25 As reported in the Los Angeles Times Newspaper. Citing safety concerns, police union officials Tuesday protested the L.A.P.D.'s plan to put photographs of some officers on a computer World Wide Web site. Attorney Hank Hernandez, who represents the Los Angeles Police Protective League said some officers have told him they do not want their pictures posted on the Web site. "It doesn't take much for a psycho to get [an officer's] photo, and his name and get additional information," Hernandez told the Los Angeles Police Commission. He said the information could be used against officers, noting that he saw one computer site that encouraged people to kill police officers, particularly those from the L.A.P.D. Department officials, however, are adamant that the photos be included. Comdr. Dave Kalish said the officers who are supposed to be put on the Web site are community liaison officers and, as such, have accepted more high-profile positions within the agency. He added that the community liaison officers who don't want their photographs on the Web sites can elect not to serve in that position, which pays a 5% bonus. Police commissioners and their attorney said they would look into the issue.


What happened next?

4/21/98 My Internet Service Provider calls to inform me that a Mike Metts, of the High Tech Crime Division (H.T.C.D.) from Sacramento had called. Mr. Metts said he was getting a warrant together to seize all data on my World Wide Web site which he knew was being hosted on his company's computer. He informed them that he was transferring the data to Russia since he had received so many threats and complaints from cops and other people calling his place of work. Mike Metts told him to secure my data for them until they get their warrant. He tried to explain to them that the information was no longer under his control and they then threatened him that they would take all his company's computers if he doesn't save the data and hand it over to them. Sound like Attempted-Extortion? This wouldn't have anything to do with the L.A. Times story from March 25th above, would it? Hmmmmmm.


What happened next?

4/22/98 My ISP called me again and said Mr. Willis of the L.A.P.D. Fraud/Bunko Division and and H.T.C.D. called again and said they were coming down between 4-6:30P.M. to get my data, without warrant and he had better turn it over...he tells me he has made a copy on CD-ROM for them and is going to comply as he is afraid they will shut down his business...


What happened next?

4/23/98 I go down town to the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building and appear in Division 100, he's out so I am told to go next door to Div. 123 of a Judge Larry Paul Fidler. I give the clerk of court an Affidavit seeking the arrest of officer Utley for perjury. She says the Magistrate is unavailable. I say I will wait. She comes back out and says he suggests I come back tomorrow and see the head judge in Division 100, who is out today. I say I prefer to see him. She goes back inside and returns again saying he refuses to see you. I say that's OK; I will just sit here. She leaves, returns, and tells me the court is now closing. I ask if it is because of me, since no one else is present in the room save a court reporter and a bailiff. She says "No, its because I need to get some work done." I thank her, wish her a good day and leave.


What happened next?

4/24/98 I talk to my ISP who informs me a Mr. Willis of Fraud/Bunko Division of the L.A.P.D. called said they would come down Monday with the warrant. They still insist he must turn over data to him, although the Internet site is no longer in his possession and there is no warrant yet, or else face seizure of all his company's computers, in essence putting him out of business. This really sounds like Attempted-Extortion. I am shut down shortly after. Every other Internet Service Provider I attempt to host my site thereafter receives the same threats of the death and destruction of their business. Glad to see free speech is alive and well in America.


What happened next?

  • 5/1/98 Today at 1:30 PM, Mr. R and I went to the Criminal Courts Building, located at 210 West Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles. I again attempt to file my Affidavit calling for a warrant to be issued for the arrest of officer Utley for Perjury. I also submit two other Affidavits, from Mr. B and Mr. A, which both support my claim of Perjury by officer Utley. The Clerk of Court is a different woman for last week; she takes my Affidavit and goes in the back room. Judge Larry Fidler is sitting on the bench. He sees us and asks if he can assist me. I tell him that I have given my paperwork to the Clerk. He leaves and goes into the back room. He returns and sits on the bench. The Clerk returns and returns my papers and says, "I can't do anything." I ask for her name, she replies, "I'm not telling you." The Bailiff gets on the telephone. The Judge scours at me. We exit the courtroom and see the Clerk in Division 100, a Stan Kadohata. He tells me the woman Clerk in Division 123 is Wendy Warren. I sign another Affidavit in front of him calling for the arrest of Judge Fidler and all parties involved; I also give him copies of the previous Affidavits. He accepts them and initials my copy. He refuses to stamp and file them.

    We leave and go to the ninth floor. I speak to a Sheriff named Woodbridge. I ask him to accompany me to make a Citizens Arrest in Division 123. "Sure," he replies. "Just let me call my Sargent." Two minutes later he makes the statement, "We can't help you with your situation." I ask, "What situation would that be?" He says, "I don't know." I reply, "Then how can you claim to not be able to help me with my situation, if you don't even know what my situation is?" He says, "My boss, Sargent Nintz spoke to the bailiff in Division 123 and said to tell you we can't help you."

    We leave the building and go outside. I see an LAPD officer named Diamond. I ask him, "Are you an honest cop?" He smiles and says, "Yes." I say, "I am making a Citizens Arrest, for Felony crimes committed in my presence, of several people located in Division 123 in this building and I want your assistance, will you help?" He replies, "Sure, lead the way." Once inside he makes a telephone call and a Sheriff appears form the elevator, its Sargent Nintz. They talk, the LAPD officer leaves and Nintz asks, "What's up." I start to explain, he cuts me off, refuses to look at my papers and then replies, "I assure you, no one from the Sheriffs are going to assist you in these arrests." We again leave and go to the Federal Building, to the United States Attorney's Office. They give me a form called "COMPLAINT REPORT" and say I may take it home to fill it out since, "The Attorney here only speaks to representatives of the people, not the people themselves." I ask what kind of representatives, she say representatives like the FBI, CIA and Secret Service.

    We leave and go to the LAPD Police station located at 251 E. 6th Street. I speak to the Watch Commander there named Ronald C. Waugh. I make the same request to escort me back to the Courthouse to assist in the arrests of the people mentioned above, including Sheriff Nintz. He says only Sheriffs can have Jurisdiction in the Courtrooms. He tells officer Campos at the front desk to take a report. Officer Campos takes a report and a copy of my Affidavit seeking the arrest of the Judge, as well as all parties involved. I leave, go home and call the FBI. The same nice agent from last week answers, she recognizes me from our previous conversation last week and asks me to type this letter and send it to the Complaint Desk. I tell her it will be on their desk Monday morning.

    5/9/98 I call ValueNet, an Internet Service Provider, to put killercop.com back on the Internet. A Louise Huskins agrees to provide service. She faxes me two papers and requests I fax her back the information requested.

    5/11/98 I receive a call from a Bruce Campbell of Valuenet. who informs me that he has decided to decline my domain contract since, "One of our technicians here is familiar with your site and informed me it is very controversial."

    5/10/98 My attorney handling my appeal calls me at home to tell me he is looking at a monthly news letter, published by the LAPD Protective League, which has my picture in it. The title of the article is "Who is killercop?" The article goes on to say that the information in my domain has been turned over to the Police for investigation in both civil and criminal prosecutions.

    Who is killercop?

    5/14/98 Since I have heard nothing from the criminal courts, relating from the papers I filed 5/1/98, I return to the courtroom of Judge John H. Reid in Division 100. This time I give the clerk another affidavit charging the Clerk Wendy Warren with contempt. The clerk, Joe Wadalini (Not the correct spelling) accepts it. I wait and nothing happens. After 1/2 hour I return to Joe and ask if the Judge would like to rule on both issues at the same time. I then hand him my copy of the affidavit filed on 5/1/98 to Clerk Stan Kadohata.

    He takes that into the back and returns shortly. When pressured on the status he replies that, "This is a civil matter." I say no Joe, it's a criminal matter and I want you to stamp my documents 'Filed' with your little court stamper on your desk. He says, "I can't do that." I ask why? He replies, "I can't help you, I'm only doing what I've been told." I say I can respect that and inform him I shall be going to a higher source. I see the Judge "peeking " around from the doorway to his chambers, as soon as he see's me he "ducks" back out of site.

    I arrive home and call a Mr. Goldston back, I ask if he remembers me and remind him of our conversation. (See 2/4/98 above) He replies that he knows who I am and states, "Your domain is off the air." I said, "Yes, thatís correct." He tells me that I have "mis-quoted him" in my report in my domain. He states that "The State Attorney General of California now is investigating you, in regards to your domain." I told him he should go investigate the attempted extortion of my last ISP by the LAPD and HTCD of Sacramento Sheriffs Department. He says I "Twist everything around to make you look good and everyone else look bad." I told him I did not mis-quote him, since I write these conversations down when they occur, and further I was writing this one while we were speaking. He proceeds to tell me that I should do this and that if I wish to file a complaint and I reply "I'll do things my way, have a nice day." I call the FBI again and send them a copy of this letter.

  • March 1998 I give the LAPD, Captain Sweet of the Mid -Wilshire Division, Constructive Notice of immanent arrest.

  • I personally appear in the Station house and audio tape my conversation requesting they "place the officer Terri Utley into my custody" or face possible charges themselves of harboring a criminal.

12:07:1998 Laura Chick, Council-member of the 3rd District holds a "Public Safety" meeting. I appear and sign in to speak. Not 1 minute into my speech, on the safety of the "public" from kidnapping by officers of the law, does she tell me I "can't" talk about things like [that]" and she "won't allow me to continue." She then turns off the microphone and the Sergeant at Arms(sic) approaches me to tell me to exit the podium. I inform the Sgt. he had better refrain from touching me and that I intend to remain where I am until I have the Liberty to finish my breath which I had started. I informed Laura of the same facts. Finally the microphone was turned back on and I had all of several seconds to conclude my speech...I was supposed to have 3 full minutes like all of the previous guests, but hey, when the safety of the public is at stake, who cares about the rules, right? Do you think she violated Penal code 136.1? She's quite a "chick" all right, like as in chick-en to stand up for the truth, justice and for the American-way!.

Whats going to happen next?

3:2:2001 Check back here. A lot has taken place since then....


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