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Thought POLICE RAID And Extort KILLERCOP.COM in 1998

[Article 1]

The owners of KillerCop.com, which suggested rewards for people who kill police officers in creative ways, were eventually convinced to take the site down before any potential charges were pressed." SALON | Feb. 26, 1999

[Article 2]

"The only intervention to date was with the creators of KillerCop.com, which offered a reward for the most creative way to kill a policeman. It soon disappeared after the LAPD began to talk about charges to incite murder."


[Article 3]

"One part of the life that has not been seen much online is the crime. Zeglin recalls one Web site, www.killercop.com, that offered rewards for murdering Los Angeles police officers a few years ago. But since the LAPD had that site removed, Zeglin has not seen street gangs doing anything illegal online."



[Article 4]

"Un seul site a provoqué une enquête de la LAPD: killercop.com, offrant des récompenses aux visiteurs prêts à tuer des policiers de Los Angeles."


[Article 5]

In court papers filed August 11, League general counsel Enrique Hernandez cites a Web site called "Killercop," which reportedly advocated violence against LAPD officers, offering a "$1,000.05 reward to the first person who kills a cop making an illegal arrest . . . and $2,000.10 if it's an LAPD cop." The Web site was shut down after complaints were lodged by the department, but it re-emerges occasionally. September 4 - 10, 1998


[Article 6]

www.killercop.com - now inoperable - offered a cash reward with no questions asked for the death ... of two LAPD officers.


[Article 7]

killercop.com owned by a "Gang affilated person."It's a "Gang affiliated web site."

CH. 4, NBC NEWS, LOS ANGELES, at 5 and 11 O'Clock Evening News, Aug 30, 2001


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