From: Daniel Kauffman []

Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 1998 10:50 AM


Subject: it is a shame

You know, it is a shame. I have been a "cop" for over 20 years. I know there are injustices. BUT for you to publish a page like this without any respect for the "good people" is a disgrace.

Killercop:} You'll get respect from me when I say you deserve it not because cops think they deserve it. Notice the word deserve, it contains the word SERVE.  

Not every "cop" deserves this attitude. Not every person like you deserves to be treated badly.

Killercop:} First off, I am a MAN, NOT A PERSON.  PERSON IS A FACTIOUS-LEGAL-TERM.  I am very real and so are all of the other Americans who have had enough of cops breaking laws and killing unarmed Citizens and residents.  Think like this if you get confused easily...We the People, not We the it?  As for my attitude, I'll change my "attitude" when black and white frogs fly out my butt, or I get justice in my case.  I'm betting on the frogs at this point.

As for my being treated badly, what have you done or are are you doing about that? NADA! That's what I thought, but thanks anyway, that smoke you're blowing up my butt feels good, helps keep the black and white frogs which fly out of my butt very cool as well!.

But there has to be some common ground.

Killercop:} There is a common ground, it's called Common-Law, ever hear of the law? I didn't think so! When I can arrest a cop as fast as they can arrest me in my case, then that will be common-ground. Until then, no justice, no peace!

Your page does nothing to achieve this.

Killercop:} Neither does your wasting my time rambling on about the poor mistreated police, if your looking for sympathy, check the dictionary between the words Shit and Syphilis.

You are obviously a very intelligent person. Why not use the brains god gave you for good.

Killercop:} How about we let God worry about how my brain is being used and you worry that the next person you falsely arrest or pull over illegally might be me or someone collecting my rewards and BLAM. Nighty night.  Hahahahaha! Be extremely careful driving on the roadway.

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